Working Mom

Working moms balance everything from their kids’ schedules to the family bank account. Granted, there’s no one-size-fits-all day for a working mom, but here’s a (mostly) fictional peek at what it’s like to juggle work, family and life while trying to keep your sanity. What can we say, ladies? You’re pretty freaking amazing!

And most of us are pulling off a schedule that few people can imagine. Here’s what a day in the life of a working mom looks like around here. Can you relate?

5 am: Wake up to a crying, hungry baby. Nurse said baby back to sleep.

5:30 am: Lie down in bed, shut eyes, don’t actually fall asleep.

6 am: Alarm goes off. Throw yourself in the shower.

6:15 am: Baby starts crying mid-hair drying, so toss your hair in a topknot, yank on some clothes and doublecheck that your shoes match.

6:45 am: Baby is changed, dressed, eating breakfast in the high chair. Dad’s on daycare drop-off duty.

7 am: Out the door, work tote on one shoulder and pump bag on the other. Catch the train.

8 am: Arrive at work. Pump in office “mothers’ room” while answering emails on your phone.

9 am: Office starts to fill up. Delegate a few tasks to your team. Grab a coffee from the office Keurig.

10 am: Problem-solve for your group’s biggest client.

11 am: Present data for an upcoming new business pitch. Feel grateful for nursing pads. Get major kudos on the presentation from your boss.

12 pm: Head to mothers’ room for your designated time slot, only to find it occupied. Knock and wait. Give the evil eye to the sleepy-eyed guy who sheepishly exits.

12:15 pm: Chow on a salad while pumping. Toss milk in an insulated bag, slip it in the breakroom fridge, spot a box of cupcakes on the “community” table and grab one on the way out. Sugary heaven!

1 pm: Order birthday gift for your best friend. Jot down a grocery list. Pay bills online.

2 pm: Work on quarterly report.

3 pm: Outline new project action steps.

4 pm: Hold conference call while pumping. When someone asks about the noise, blame “construction outside.”

5 pm: Grab milk from fridge. Race out of the office. Catch train. Write a few emails. Hop in the car your husband left parked at the train station closest to daycare.

5:45 pm: Pick up baby at daycare. Give a million kisses. Call husband to pick up pizza for dinner. (Grocery store isn’t happening tonight.)

6 pm: Feed baby, clean food off floor and highchair and bib and EVERYTHING.

6:30 pm: Bathe baby, diaper baby, put pajamas and sleep sack on baby, nurse, read a book, sing a lullaby, rock, rock, rock. Breathe in and out. Almost fall asleep in the glider.

7 pm: Finally change into sweatpants. Kiss husband. Eat pizza on the couch with husband. Sign up for Saturday morning baby swim classes. Throw in a load of laundry.

8 pm: Watch some mindless TV and try to keep eyes open. Consider reading a book but know it will result in crashing on the couch. Check class schedule at the gym to see if you can fit in some yoga this weekend.

9 pm: Brush teeth. Remember load of laundry in the washer and quickly switch it to the dryer.

9:15 pm: Lie down in bed. Baby immediately starts crying but resettles (thank god!).

9:30 pm: Check phone “one last time.”

10 pm: Asleep. Bliss.

10:30 pm: Baby is awake again. Nurse.

3 am: Baby’s up. You’re half-awake. Nurse. Vow to start sleep training.

5 am: Again. Nurse.

6 am: Start a new day.

Clearly, working moms are superheroes. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a special treat) for all that you do!