Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras 101: And Other Clothing Essentials

You may be running on four hours of broken sleep, a spritz of dry shampoo and the last of your Valentine’s Day candy stash. But for breastfeeding moms, your boobs are working hard to keep your baby growing and thriving. Why not show your girls some love and invest in a nursing bra or two? It will make your life easier, comfier and (dare we say it) prettier.

So where do you begin? Step one: Decide which type of nursing bra is right for your lifestyle. We’ve rounded up some fab options for all types of moms:

Nursing tank

For: The mom who loves layering tanks under cardigans and sweaters, or simply enjoys the ease of wearing one supportive piece that serves as a bra and a top.

Where to find it: Pick up a few at Target next time you’re stocking up on diapers. If you feel like splurging, invest in a tank or two from Boob Design.

Pairs well with: A lightweight scarf/nursing cover

Wireless bra

For: The mom who is all about comfort—and avoiding plugged milk ducts. Soft fabric and flexible cups abound here.

Where to find it: Check out the popular Bravado brand for some seamless, wireless options.

Pairs well with: Your favorite nursing top or V-neck tee

Everything bra

For: The amazing new Ollie Grey pumping/nursing bra is for the mom who wants the convenience of pumping on the go, without having to disrobe completely to put on a hands-free bra.

Where to find it: The product of Kickstarter, designed by a Lululemon protege, this new find is available online here. Can you tell we are obsessed?

Pairs well with: Life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Seriously, this one is amazing.

Sports bra

For: The mom who is active and always on the move. She needs a bra that keeps her ladies secure but also allows for easy post-workout nursing.

Where to find it: Moving Comfort is a fan favorite with large cup sizes and Velcro closures on the front straps.

Pairs well with: High-waisted leggings

Sleeping bra or nursing nightgown

For: The mom who rests easier when her boobs are swaddled in a soft bra (and wants to be able to wear nursing pads at night to avoid waking up soaking wet).

Where to find it: Look for a crisscross-front style so you don’t have to deal with snaps and clips during middle-of-the-night feedings. We hear Jessica Simpson makes a great nursing nightgown too.

Pairs well with: A cozy robe

Pretty or sexy bra

For: The mom who believes fashion doesn’t have to go out of style while you’re breastfeeding.

Where to find it: Lace, fun colors and cool patterns are still an option with brands like Cake, Rosie Pope and Hotmilk.

Pairs well with: An uber-flattering wrap dress

Once you’ve pinpointed the best nursing bras for your life, it’s time to move on to step two: Purchase said bra at your favorite maternity, department or retail store, boutique, or online site (we’re looking at you,!). Always double check sizing—U.S. versus U.K. sizing will differ—or get professionally fitted at a department store or specialty lingerie shop. Happy shopping (and nursing)!