mom friends with kids

4 reasons good friends are every new mom’s must-have

Becoming a mom is one of the best, most exhilarating times in your life. You’re overjoyed by this new addition to your family—but overwhelmed by how quickly everything in your life has changed.

Between the crazy hormones and body changes, constant demands of new motherhood, and all those sweet newborn snuggles, it might sometimes feel like your partner and single friends could not possibly understand how you’re feeling. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with women who have been (and still are!) in your shoes—moms who can offer support and celebrate your triumphs because they GET IT. We’re not saying to dump your old pals, but here are a few reasons why a tribe of mom friends is essential for survival.

They’ve been there before (and they’re empathetic).

Mom friends know what it’s like to sleep in one-hour-and-45-minute spurts. They’ve experienced clogged ducts, mastitis and sore nipples. They don’t mind the spit-up on your shoulder or the breast pump displayed on your coffee table. They understand that a nap, a shower, and a hot meal can make a new mom feel like a million bucks. Knowing that you have people around you who truly understand is so comforting in a time when everything feels new and different.

They’re honest.

Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns 100 percent of the time. Your mom friends get that, so you don’t have to sugarcoat the less-than-glamorous parts of pregnancy and motherhood. Too often, new moms feel alone and unsure (Am I doing this right? Is this normal? Does it get easier?). Tap into your fellow moms for honest advice, no-judgment support and real-talk stories. Being able to talk openly with each other about how you’re feeling—physically and mentally—creates that supportive sense of connection every mom needs.

They know things that books can’t tell you.

Even though you’ve read all the parenting blogs and books imaginable, there are some things you can only learn through experience. Thankfully, your friends can share their wisdom. Only they know the most fun mommy-and-me classes in the area, the best time of day to sneak in a nap, the ideal morning routine, how to manage pumping at work, and the breast pump that worked for them (and may work for you too!). From baby product recommendations to mom hacks, these ladies are your ultimate resource.

They’ll step in when you’re in a bind.

We all need help sometimes, so don’t hesitate to accept it or ask for it. Baby’s not feeling well and you can’t get to the store? Sitter just cancelled last minute? Major blowout with no change of clothes in the diaper bag? A mom friend understands the challenge of a sick kiddo, the importance of date night and the inevitability of being unprepared (and up to your elbows in poop). Be appreciative, offer to return the favor in the future and let go of any mom guilt. Helping each other is what friendship is all about.

So what if you haven’t found those special mom friends yet? There are lots of ways to connect with local moms. Keep an eye out in area-specific Facebook groups, mommy-and-me classes, your baby’s daycare, playgrounds and parks, library storytime, apps, exercise classes and other spots moms like to hang out. Step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation (talking about her cute kid is a go-to icebreaker). You can also always reach out to our team at Ashland Health with any mom-related questions. We’re moms too, so we’re here for you—as a friend and a resource. We can’t wait to chat with you.