It’s not magic that gets that free breast pump delivered right to your door: it’s the hard work of our team at Ashland Women’s Health

Federal law classifies breast pump access as one of ten Essential Health Benefits along with preventative services like mammograms, cervical cancer screenings and maternity and newborn care. As a result, if you live in the U.S. and have health insurance, you’re entitled to a free or low-cost breast pump per pregnancy. Despite this fact, not every provider makes securing a free insurance covered breast pump a simple endeavor. This is where Ashland Women’s Health comes in.

Who is Ashland Women’s Health?

Ashland Women’s Health is a Durable Medical Equipment provider (DME), which means we offer the public direct access to healthcare equipment and devices for in-home use. We focus exclusively on breast pumps and related accessories to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. We’re proud that Ashland Women’s Health is staffed by real moms — women who enforce bedtimes, meet work deadlines, and kiss away tears just like you. Our team works directly with your insurance provider and physician to quickly to get the breast pump of your choice out of our door and straight to yours.

Why is my breast pump free when I order with Ashland?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance companies include one breast pump for women with health care coverage per pregnancy. But navigating insurance policies and healthcare regulations can be incredibly complicated. Our purpose is to bridge that gap while providing additional resources, like on-demand support from a team that understands both the nuances of insurance policies and the realities of motherhood. From specific descriptions of your pump options to experienced advice on which is best for your needs and goals, our services go beyond what any insurance provider or quick Google search can offer. We put our expertise as providers and our experience as moms to work for you.

Why is Ashland different?

We understand that the very best pump for you is the one that fits into your life, needs and routine, so we make it a priority to offer more pump options than any other provider. Combining the widest selection of pumps for you to choose from with personalized help and advice from experts (like our on-staff IBCLCs) enables us to match each mom with the pump that will best suit their lifestyle, needs and breastfeeding goals. It’s just one of many ways we put our customers and their families first.

Ashland Women’s Health is here to help with all things Mom, so you can focus on what really matters: your growing family. To start the process of getting your insurance covered breast pump today, fill out our online form or call us at (888) 434-7971.