Spectra S1Plus Breast Pump

Having the right breast pump is so important to making the most of your breastfeeding experience. And when we say “right,” we mean the right pump for you and your baby! Several key factors go into choosing your breast pump, including how often and where you plan on pumping. Moms around the world love Spectra Baby USA breast pumps, especially the Spectra S1Plus. It’s powerful and portable, making it perfect for a mom on-the-go. But don’t take our word for it! Ashley Logan, mother of two and serious boss lady, gives her honest review of the S1Plus.

How long have you been using the S1Plus for?

I’ve been using it for almost nine months now.

What’s your nursing schedule like?

Each day I start by nursing the baby, then I pump three times at work. I nurse again when I get home, then right before bed. Of course, there’s usually a 2 a.m. feeding, too!

Have you ever used any other breast pumps, and did you notice a difference when you started using the S1Plus?

Yes, many. I’ve tried out a bunch, but the S1Plus is far and away the best I’ve used. There’s a difference in the suction strength and rhythm that I find more conducive to getting a good output—which for me is anywhere from 4 to 8 ounces a session. Owning my own business, my day can get pretty hectic. I can lose a morning to meetings with only a few minutes to scarf down food and pump, so my sessions need to be efficient!

I love the S1Plus because it’s so powerful that I can pump the same amount of milk as I did with other breast pumps, but in less time. It charges like a battery, so I don’t have to worry about finding a private place and an outlet, which is a huge stress reliever.

Where is the strangest place you’ve pumped?

Where haven’t I pumped?! I’ve pumped in an airplane bathroom, in my seat on the airplane next to a colleague, at an Amy Schumer standup show in the UIC Pavilion, in a nasty bathroom and at a Bulls game! The staff actually sent me to the medical room like I was an athlete with an injury. Some experiences were better than others, but it made me more fearless when it comes to where I pump! I view it as all part of the journey, as weird as it can be. And, as a more vocal and assertive person, it helps me to advocate for others who may not be as comfortable speaking up.

What is your favorite thing about the S1Plus?

I absolutely love the portability and that strength isn’t compromised because of it. I don’t have to plan my pumping routine around access to an outlet, and it’s strong enough to maintain a healthy supply.

Who would you recommend the S1 to?

I recommend the S1 to every mom I know! It’s so efficient, which is really great when you have limited time to feed your baby. It’s ideal for working mothers and moms on-the-go. Regardless of what their day-to-day routine looks like, moms are always strapped for time. You have to take your time when you can get it! If you don’t have to be tied to an outlet or pump for half an hour to get your quota, you have much more freedom.

Any advice for a mom struggling with her pumping experience?

Pumping can feel lonely, isolating and sometimes humiliating––society doesn’t make it easy on us! When you have the support of a good pumping system that lets you get into a rhythm, don’t give up! It gets better. Sometimes, I even value the 20 minutes I get to myself pumping and can be super efficient with work. Just remember that you’re doing the right thing, and you’re paving the way for the people that come after you.

At my old office, there wasn’t a nursing room. The building gave me a bathroom and posted a sign that said “Mother’s Room.” Unfortunately, people kept ripping down the sign and I had to wait for people to finish (eh hem) using the restroom just for a little bit of privacy. It was tough and awkward, but I continued to advocate for myself and other mothers who would come after me. Eventually, they added a real mother’s room, complete with a locking door, comfortable chair—and without the nasty smell of poop. That little victory made it much easier for the next mom to reach her breastfeeding goals. I’m pretty proud of that!

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