Our Most Popular Breast Pumps

Some advice on picking the right breast pump, courtesy of Ashland Health moms

With all of the breast pump models on the market, choosing the right pump for your lifestyle can feel pretty overwhelming. To help you narrow down the selection, we polled our moms to find out which pumps are knocking it out of the park. Our goal is to help you find the best option for your lifestyle. Take a look at our top pumps below! 

Spectra S2

The Spectra S2 has a whole laundry list of impressive features: it’s super quiet, it has a closed system and a night light with a timer. This model also allows you to control both speed and suction, making it popular for moms who need to pump often or pump exclusively. 

Spectra S1

The S1 can do everything the Spectra S2 can, with one pretty cool addition: it’s rechargeable. The model comes with an internal battery making it perfect for moms who have to pump on the go, and don’t want to search high and low for a power outlet. This hospital grade pump makes pumping on the go a breeze, without sacrificing strength.

Medela Pump in Style

The Medela Pump In Style is made for on the go moms who need a reliable pump. This device features adjustable speed and suction for maximum comfort and a battery pack so mom can pump anywhere, anytime. All this fits in a sleek black carrying case, making it easy to bring along as you head to work or other events.

Medela Sonata

The Sonata is Medela’s newest breast pump, and is said to be their highest performing personal breast pump yet. This quiet, hospital grade Smart Pump connects to the MyMedela app, making it perfect for tech savvy moms that want to track their pumping sessions to monitor progress and goals. While this pump is available for an upgrade fee through Ashland Health, it may just be the pump option you’ve been waiting for. 

Lansinoh SmartPump

The Lansinoh SmartPump is an ideal choice for busy moms who still want to track pumping sessions. The device’s wide neck bottles are compatible with the Lansinoh NaturalWave Nipple, meaning you can pump, store and feed your baby without transferring milk from one container to the next. The SmartPump also connects to the Lansinoh Baby App so you can track your everything from pump sessions to changes in your baby’s height and weight.

Ameda Finesse

The Ameda Finesse is a powerful, hospital grade pump that comes with a complete package of accessories, including a carrying case, a cooler, three breast shields and four extra 4 ounce bottles. The device is perfect for moms that need a portable pump without sacrificing any of the bells and whistles.

 If you still need help figuring out which one that is, try taking our quiz! It will determine the best model for you using a few simple questions. Plus, once you’re done, you can order it for free through Ashland Health.