Expecting mom opening a gift

Gifts hand-picked by our staff of real moms that we’re sure she’ll love

No matter where she’s at in her 40 weeks, trust that your mom-to-be’s wish list looks a little different than it did in her pre-baby years. From our team of experts (read: our staff of real moms), we rounded up some must-haves for mom’s-to-be this year in our Ultimate Gift Guide for Expecting Moms. If there’s a woman in your life who’s carrying the ultimate gift for your family, grab her a thoughtful present from this list. (If you are that woman, just forward this link; who has time to make a list?)

Upgraded Wardrobe Staples

Multifunctional convertible maternity jacket

Baby, it’s cold outside! Once that bump grows, it can be tough to close up your winter coat. Moms-to-be can keep warm with a maternity jacket that features a removable zip-in panel. After baby is born, the coat takes on new life as a babywearing cover (with the panel) or a regular coat (without the panel).

Price: $139.98 & up

A snarky tee that preempts that annoying question

Super soft, customizable, hilarious and an efficient conversation stopper. No, stranger on the bus, it’s not a burrito.

Price: $18

Stylish maternity tops that work pre- and post-pregnancy

Expecting moms only wear maternity clothing for a few months, so a cute top that can transition into postpartum and nursing wear is an amazing and thoughtful gift—ESPECIALLY if it doesn’t look like a nursing top. (Visible easy-access openings? Not the chicest. Trust us.) You can’t go wrong with anything off of Ingrid & Isabel’s bestseller list.

Price: $28 and up

Pre-Baby Splurges

Baby-bump headphones

They say babies can hear sounds and voices in the womb, so give comfort and start building memories early with this gadget. Using special speakers placed on mom’s belly, you can stream music or loving words to your little one in utero. You can even share messages from loved ones who live far away via a convenient app.

Price: $39.99

Upgrade her hospital bag

Conventional wisdom suggests expectant mothers should have their day-of hospital bag packed around week 34. If you’re ahead of that deadline, treat her to a pre-packed bundle filled with luxe upgrades of the staples: full-coverage black briefs, a knee-length modal nightgown with a matching jersey robe and super fuzzy cashmere socks.

Price: $248.00

Treat Her

A high-end prenatal massage

If you’ve never been pregnant, trust us on this one: it hurts, a lot, sometimes all the time. Unfortunately, many spas have firm policies against treating pregnant women out of an overabundance of caution. After the first trimester, most doctors say it’s okay to get a gentle massage, especially one that targets your sore lower body and overworked joints. Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spas, which have locations across the U.S., offer a pregnancy signature massage that covers all necessary considerations for moms-to-be.

Price: $135

Pregnancy ice cream sampler

Those over-the-top stereotypes about pregnancy cravings and sweet tooths? Yeah, turns out they’re not that over the top. Stock up the freezer with eCreamery’s flavor collections specifically for moms-to-be (but take note, the Peanut Butter & Pickle requires some assembly).

Price: $54.99

Something Sentimental

Baby milestone blanket

Prep for baby’s arrival—and all those milestone photos to come—by gifting an adorable blanket. The cute patterns make a great backdrop and allow parents to easily highlight baby’s age and growth, no scrapbooking required. Many blankets mark the months, but others break down days and weeks or include special info like length and weight. (If she’s newly pregnant, there’s a pregnancy-tracking version for mom, too!)

Price: $33

Jewelry for three

Having a baby doesn’t just transform a woman into a mom, it also morphs a couple into a family. Gift the expectant mother in your life this stunning family tree bracelet well before her due date, and then surprise her with a new leaf to celebrate the day her little one arrives.

Price: $24.95 & up

Pre-Baby Book Club

The Baby Name Wizard

If the mom-to-be in your life this season is newly expecting (and you know she hasn’t chosen a baby name yet), the Baby Name Wizard book is more than just a laundry list of options: it’s a choose-your-own-adventure guide book that will lead new parents through the sometimes overwhelming baby name game.

Price: $14.99

The Family Christmas Book

It’s called an instant heirloom for a reason. The Family Christmas Book is an old-school holiday classic that stores photos, Christmas cards and the highlights of each year, tracing your history as your family grows.

Price: $19.95

Unwrapping one of these gifts will brighten any expecting mom’s holiday, and the remaining weeks before she meets her real bundle of joy. We’re fortunate at Ashland Health to get to work with so many moms in the midst of this exciting pre-baby time in their lives—there’s really nothing like it.