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Gifts she’ll love from the wishlist she’s too busy to make

New moms are so focused on caring for their babies that they squeeze in their own needs when they can, and their wants often fall by the wayside. The holiday season is the perfect time to surprise the new mom in your life with something special. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for her (or creating your own wish list, HINT HINT) we’ve curated a list of the hottest mom-approved presents this year, including some that make #momlife a little easier.

High-Tech Treats

Better shuteye with science

What does a new mom want most? Sleep! Uninterrupted by a crying baby or those panicked “is-he-okay?” wake-ups in the middle of the night. This baby-friendly gadget features a comfy “smart sock” monitor and syncs to an app, so she can roll over, tap her iPhone, and drift back to sleep worry-free knowing baby is safe and sound.

Price: $299.99

A nursing buddy that doesn’t bite

She’s got her insurance covered breast pump and is finding her breastfeeding groove, but in between latchings her breasts HURT—trust us, even if she’s toughing it out. A lactation massager like this chic looking doodad from LaVie not only feels good on sore breast tissue, its gentle vibrations also aid milk expression, loosen up plugged ducts and keep things flowing.

Price: $34.99

Wardrobe Upgrades

A comfy, luxe pumping bra

This nursing and hands-free pumping bra hits the trifecta of style, function and comfort. No need to change bras during the day—this one works for all your breastfeeding needs, plus it’s cute and comfy.

Price: $63-68

Edgy, teething-friendly jewelry

Those little newborns quickly get to work on sprouting teeth, which can ruin or rule out most of those fabulous accessories mom has spent a lifetime acquiring. Give her the best of both worlds with a chic teething necklace or bracelet that does double duty.

Price: $10-25

This wintertime stroll solution

They may not be glam, but these things are seriously genius. Elegant leather gloves have their time and place, but when it’s 5 a.m. in the middle of February and being pushed around the block is the only thing that puts baby back to sleep, you want a pillow-soft glove that’s insulated to the hilt. Added bonus: since they attach to your stroller, your hands are free when you let go if baby needs some comforting or adjustments.

Price: $39.99

Upgrade her slippers to Uggs

When you’re chasing a toddling baby around the house, socks won’t cut it — moms need something with TRACTION. Gift her slippers that are warm, chic, and built for the “omigodnoPUTTHATDOWN” sprint we all know so well.

Price: $85 and up

Giggle-Inducing Gifts

Infant care troubleshooting flowchart

For moms who don’t have time to read more than a line or two, but still appreciate a good laugh, this fun magnet set is just the ticket. (It’s also a light-hearted way to leave “instructions” when mom leaves baby with Grandma for the day.)

Price: $22

New mom wine labels

After nine months without booze, trust us: wine is a welcome gift. This collection of hilarious wine labels marks special mom milestones and can help highlight the humor even in difficult moments (we’ve all been there). Cheers!

Price: $11.99 and up

Special & Sentimental

Something chic & unique

It’s easy to get distracted by the hyper-feminine trappings of babies and motherhood, but monogrammed jewelry that celebrates her new baby doesn’t have to be sparkly or heart-shaped. This slightly masculine signet ring pairs a thick band with elegant script initials comes in gold and silver and will integrate easily with her chic pre-baby style (and celebrate the fact that she can wear rings again).

Price: $119 & up

A keepsake illustration that’s cooler than a snapshot

Kids know this trick well—a family photo is a sure-fire win with all moms and something she’ll treasure forever. You already have a million photos, and let’s be honest, getting the little one to sit still is a herculean task. Commemorate your growing family with a beautiful custom illustration of your new family: it makes for fun home decor and captures this special moment in time.

Price: $40

Wrap up anything from this list—and let her SLEEP IN that morning—to slay her holiday with thoughtful gifts that will make her life easier, calmer and a little more fun. We’re in the business of showering moms with free stuff at Ashland Health, and our team of moms has been there.