Father and mother's hands on baby bump

Why a babymoon is one of the most important vacations you’ll ever take.

As an expectant mama, you know how long and busy the road to birth can be. There’s so much running around to do! When you’re not prepping your home for baby, you might be shopping for new-mom essentials or taking a birthing or nursing class. It won’t surprise you that things aren’t destined to slow down once baby arrives and you have a sweet, hungry (and sometimes noisy!) little one vying for your attention day and night.

A great way to slow down and take advantage of the time you have before baby arrives is by going on a babymoon! Here’s why we recommend moms take advantage, and where you can go on yours.

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is a vacation you and your partner take before the baby arrives. It’s such an important trip to go on because it’s one last chance to get away from it all and just spend quality time with one another before a new member joins your family and things get hectic at home. Your babymoon is a lot of things rolled into one—think of it as a chance to take a break from baby-prepping, to indulge and take care of yourself, and to connect and share a little romance with your other half.

When Should I Go On My Babymoon?

As we’ve said in the past, most doctors will clear you to fly until 36 weeks of pregnancy. According to What to Expect, the ideal time to go on your babymoon is during the second trimester. They explain that at this time, “you’re past the queasies but not too big to get around easily.” During the third trimester, air travel is not recommended.

Where Should I Go for My Babymoon?

Not every babymoon needs to be crazy-glamorous or super expensive. You certainly don’t have to jet off to Tuscany to have fun and get some much-needed rest and relaxation (looking at you, Kate Hudson!). Listen to your body and your mind (and your budget) as you decide where to go on your babymoon. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

On The Water

The beach is always a fabulous place to kick back and relax—and with states like California and Florida, waterfront escapes can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Stay at a hotel or Airbnb near the water and bathe in the warmth of the sun while you listen to the comforting sound of the waves and dig your toes into the sand. Stay at a lakefront cabin and listen to the sound of birds singing from along the edge of the dock. Whether you’re on the North Shore or in Ibiza, you’ll have a blast and enjoy a romantic connection with your partner.

A Tropical Getaway

If you like the idea of a beach, take your babymoon a step further and consider a resort—especially an all-inclusive one, which is a popular option among expecting moms. Many resorts actually have babymoon packages, which include amenities like prenatal yoga, massages, non-alcoholic drinks and more. With activities, lodging, food and drink all taken care of, you’ll be free to simply relax and be taken care of.

A Spa

Head to the spa for some serious pre-arrival pampering. Spend your babymoon indulging in facials, massages and foot soaks—and do it all as a couple! Just make sure to avoid the hot tub, as they are not recommended for pregnant women. You’ll leave the spa feeling totally refreshed and ready to welcome baby into your life.

A New City

Have you and your partner always wanted to explore another city? Whether it’s Paris or Madison, Wisconsin, your babymoon could be the perfect time! Before baby arrives and throws your normal routine by the wayside, take the leap and stay at a downtown hotel in a city you’ve never been to. Venture out to see the sights, indulge in the local food scene and entertain yourselves with a show or local event.

Your Own Home

If you can’t get away for a big trip, it’s totally okay to stay home and relax. Take some days off of work or dedicate the weekend to spending time with your significant other. Try to eliminate distractions, definitely stay away from any baby-prepping tasks, and just focus on one another. Watch a movie, eat dinner by candlelight or take a walk together.

Whether you decide to go on a babymoon or not, remember that mothering (and preparing to mother!) is hard work and that you deserve some R&R. As you countdown to baby’s arrival, know it’s okay to step back sometimes and give yourself a break! For more real-mom parenting tips, check out our blog!