Woman with Pumping Bag

What every nursing mother needs to carry in her pumping bag

Whether you’re pumping at home to build a stash or at work while you’re away from Baby, you have to be prepared. Check off our list of essentials and you can feel confident in your pumping prep. Here are the top items that pumping moms can’t live without:

The must-haves

  • Your breast pump, including the power cord: You might think we’re joking, but you can’t pump without your pump.
  • Pump parts: Tubing, two flanges, connectors, membranes, every little crazy-looking piece.
  • Breastmilk storage bags or bottles: That milk has to go somewhere after you pump it. Pour, store and transport. Or just pump directly into bottles and twist on the cap—done!
  • Pumping bra: Hands-free is the way to be. Don’t let pumping keep you from answering emails, tending to your baby, stuffing your face with a much-needed snack or catching up on Facebook.
  • Water bottle: Gotta stay hydrated to keep that milk flowing!
  • A picture of your baby: Hello, letdown!
  • Snacks: Because what breastfeeding mom isn’t hangry while pumping?

For on-the-go pumping

  • A cooler bag with ice packs: If you’re going to be out and about for more than a few hours, you’ll need to keep that liquid gold cold. PackIt makes a great insulated lunch bag with built-in ice packs that’s the perfect size for breastmilk (also folds easily when not in use and comes in tons of cute colors and patterns!).
  • Quick-clean wipes: A simple swipe of a wipe is a lot easier than finding a spot to wash, rinse and dry everything.
  • A Ziploc bag (or wet bag) to store parts between pumping sessions: It’s the best way to make sure you don’t lose a piece, and it keeps parts protected if you want to pop them into the fridge between sessions (no nasty bacteria growth, thanks to the cool temps).
  • Back-up battery charger: For those times you don’t have an outlet handy (airplane seat, anyone?).
  • Extra parts: You never know when something is going to end up broken, lost, forgotten or dropped on a really gross floor. Keep a whole second set if you want to be super on top of life—or just a few extra membranes if you’re willing to live more dangerously.

So, do tell: Do you have all of these items in your pumping bag? Any other items you’d add to the list?