Designed to be both wearable and silent, the insurance-covered Elvie Pump helps busy moms feed their babies by pumping discreetly on the go. This revolutionary, hands-free breast pump is available in both double and single options that automatically sense when to switch from stimulation to expression mode and also pause when the bottle is full. With the Elvie Pump’s integrated app, moms can track their milk output and choose between seven variable suction settings. The insurance-covered Elvie Pump is available at Ashland Breast Pumps. See if this breast pump is the best fit for your pumping needs, and order it today. 

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    Elvie Pump

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    Designed to be discreet, the Elvie Pump is a breastfeeding mom's best friend. This hands-free, wearable breast pump fits inside nursing bras so you can…... Read More
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