Lake Effect Venture™ Safety Pak

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  • 2 face masks treated with MicrobeCare™
  • 1 2-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
7 in × 8 in × 1.5 in
.21 lbs
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Ideal For Mothers Who...

Expectant Moms
New Moms
Working Moms

These masks are perfect for moms preparing for their delivery day and looking to keep their family protected during the pandemic. The non-toxic antimicrobial coverage is safe for anyone, from expecting moms to little ones, while the breathable fabric is comfortable and easily adjusted for adult and child faces. Plus, the Venture™ Safety Pak also comes with a travel-sized hand sanitizer spray to easily reduce the spread of germs.

Product Details

Mom, we know that your family means the world to you, so why not protect you and your loved ones with the enhanced properties and design of the Lake Effect Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™? These masks are treated with a safe and non-toxic antimicrobial coating. Made from a breathable nylon blend with removable Velcro™ ear loops, the Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™ gives comfortable protection and is fully adjustable to fit adults and kids over two years old. The CDC recommends that babies and toddlers under two should not wear masks. Each Venture™ Safety Pak comes with two masks and an FDA-approved hand sanitizer. Add the Venture™ Safety Pak to your insurance-covered breast pump order today! Visit the Lake Effect website for more information.