Medela Sonata

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  • 2-Phase Expression Technology
  • One-touch let-down button
  • Single knob for speed and suction for easy adjustments
Unit size: 10.43" x 16.375" x 9.125"
2.2 lbs.
Extremely Quiet
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Ideal For Mothers Who...

Pump Regularly
Working Moms

Moms love the Medela Sonata because of it’s ultra quiet design, making it great for discreet pumping. Its rechargeable battery also ensures moms can keep up with pumping while running errands or catching up with friends, which pairs perfectly with the MyMedela app for easy tracking.

Product Details

The Medela Sonata is a “smart” breast pump that connects to the MyMedela app on your phone, allowing you to monitor your breastfeeding goals, diaper changes, feedings and baby’s development—a great feature for moms who need everything centrally located to track information. The Sonata is extremely quiet compared to other pumps on the market, and it’s Medela’s quietest pump yet. The Sonata is a closed system that can run on a rechargeable battery, making pumping convenient in any location. For more information on the Medela Sonata, visit the Medela website.



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