Spectra S1 Deluxe

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  • Massage Mode that simulates the natural suckling
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Convenient tote and cooler
7.9" x 7.9" x 6.7"
3.3 lbs.
Whisper Quiet
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Ideal For Mothers Who...

Pump Regularly
Working Moms

Breastfeeding moms love that the Spectra S1 Deluxe is a quiet, powerful pump with a rechargeable internal battery that allows them to keep up with pumping sessions even on-the-go. Plus, the trendy tote and cooler keeps pump parts handy and breast milk cold when you’re not home.

Product Details

The Spectra S1 Deluxe includes everything the powerful Spectra S1 does, but also comes with a tote and cooler so you can easily transport your breast milk and breast pump while you’re out. The Spectra S1 is an ultra quiet, portable pump with a rechargeable internal battery perfect for discreetly pumping whenever and wherever you need to as a busy mom. With everything you need for double pumping, the Spectra S1 offers powerful, adjustable suction, let-down mode and slow-flow teats for newborn feedings. For more information on the Spectra S1, visit the Spectra website.


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